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            • News
              April 09, 2018

              Pharmacists Can Improve Outcomes

              Pharmacists can improve optimization of medication therapies to improve outcomes and reduce costs. Strategies include allowing pharmacist access to complet…

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            • News
              February 13, 2018

              Novartis Gains U.S. Approval For Glatopa For Multiple Sclerosis

              Novartis's Sandoz division has won U.S. approval for a larger dose of its Glatops drug for multiple sclerosis (MS). Click Here to view the original arti…

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            • News
              January 30, 2018

              SVR For HCV With No Advanced Liver Disease Greatly Reduces Mortality Risk

              A study in the journal Hepatology found that patients diagnosed with hepatitis C who did not have advanced liver disease and attained sustained virologic r…

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