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            Payor Services

            Better physician relationships and quality of care means improved patient clinical outcomes, and in turn, less stress for payors. Solera staff is trained and experienced in delivering the reimbursement and prior authorization guidelines that payors depend on.

            • Adaptive and Experienced Team

              We understand how important it is for payors to work with a team that is experienced and can adapt to their policies and procedures. Payors rely on Solera Specialty Pharmacy’s proactive staff to help them continue delivering on their promises to patients.

            • Large Network

              We service all major payor plans at Solera. If we are out of network, we will work to facilitate the transfer to an in-network pharmacy to limit any continuity of care issues.

            • Higher Quality of Care

              Our meaningful relationships with physicians allow us to offer a higher quality of care that can improve patient clinical outcomes and benefit payors. Our team offers their years of experience in reimbursement and prior authorization guidelines as one of the many benefits to payors who work with us.

            Learn More About Our Payor Services And how our technology driven programs can help your company!

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